Framing Tips


Our Frame Cart

  • Always use two hands, never pick up from one corner or the edge; especially aluminum frames
  • Leave protective corners on until hung to protect floors and walls
  • Do not leave your framed art in a hot car


  • We have supplied courtesy hangers, but always evaluate your specific needs for particular wall type
  • Use two hooks on large pieces, in high traffic areas like staircases, and over beds and kid play areas
  • Gallery walls can be planned by laying out on the floor first
  • Heavy objects like large mirrors should be hung directly from the hardware without using wire


  • Use a soft, dampened microfiber cloth that has not been exposed to fabric softener
  • Never spray cleaners directly on glass
  • Rubbing alcohol works nicely on premium glass
  • Clean PlexiGlass with soft cloth, dampen if needed or use an approved cleaner
  • Avoid damp areas like bathrooms and basements
  • Wood and paper expand and contract so slight changes are not uncommon. Inspect hardware seasonally
  • Museum mounts may need to be “tuned up” over time
  • Always avoid direct sunlight